Porcini Mushroom Risotto [RECIPE]

One of our favorite things about fall on the farm is the opportunity to forage for mushrooms - whether in our forest or at our farmers market! The cooler months and start of the rainy season allow many delicious things to grow in our region, including porcini...

The Rice Harvest Begins

We started harvesting rice this week! As we reap the abundance of what the Earth has given us and come to the end of a growing season full of twists and turns, it seems appropriate to quote a passage from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom,...

Harvest Party!

A farmer’s job is never done, but when one season ends and another begins, it’s time to celebrate! This past weekend, we did just that by throwing a Harvest Party at Tenuta San Carlo with fellow farmers and friends to celebrate the fact that we...

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Against the Grain

A farmer's day is filled with incredible stories – stories about life and death, success and failure, tradition and innovation, miracles and disasters that most people will never experience firsthand. At Tenuta San Carlo we've had our share of these stories and...

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The Future of Mediterranean Pine Trees

Scattered throughout the farm are areas of pine forest typical of the Mediterranean coast. The dominant pine species is the Italian stone pine, or umbrella pine (Pinus pinea), with its characteristic flat top. Planting Pines When my grandparents purchased the land...

The Future of Mediterranean Pine Trees

Developing a Land Ethic

When people find out that I am a born and raised New York City girl, they usually give me a skeptical look and ask, “So, how again did you end up in farming?” If they don’t ask, it’s a safe bet that they will try to take advantage of my presumed ignorance of...

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Tenuta San Carlo at the G7 Agriculture Summit

At Tenuta San Carlo, we’re constantly working to become a more sustainable farm. On a day-to-day basis, the decisions about how we grow our plants and raise our animals may seem small, but we’re taking action to build a better future. In October, we were recognized...

tenuta san carlo at the g7 agriculture summit

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