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Image from Soul Food Farm This weekend I had the time to catch up on reading, and I was dutifully working my way through the May 4th edition of The New Yorker when I started reading Jill Lepore’s article, “Blood on the Green.” I read the first paragraph, stopped,...

Risotto al limone, rosmarino e scamorza

Questa ricetta è stata modificata da una ricetta pubblicata qui sul sito dell’Ente Nazionale Risi, di cui Tenuta San Carlo fa parte. La pubblichiamo con il loro permesso.  Potremmo mangiare il risotto tutti i giorni dell'anno. Quando la temperature si alza,...

Lemon rosemary risotto

This recipe has been translated into English and slightly modified from a recipe created by the Ente Nazionale Risi, which can be found here (in Italian) on their website. The Ente Nazionale Risi (National Rice Entity) is an organization that supports rice producers...

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Beer Risotto

Beer Risotto

If you live anywhere in Europe, you can have all the ingredients for Beer Risotto shipped directly to your house by simply ordering the Cesto Risotto alla Birra from Maremma a Domicilio! Our Carnaroli rice is the perfect base for this creamy risotto, which takes on...

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The Young Farmers of Italy

To outsiders, farming can seem like a solitary profession. Farming conjures up images of a farmer, alone in a tractor, out in the field. While sometimes I am out alone in a field, the truth is that it is impossible to farm alone. Successful farming requires...

the young farmers of italy

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