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How To Find Us

Contact Information

Farm and agriturismo manager: Tiziano Montorsi +39-348-0160782
Office: +39-3512-540933
Address: Tenuta San Carlo, Strada provinciale 40 della Trappola 147A, 58100 Grosseto, Italia

How do I find you using a GPS?
If you are arriving in a car and want to use a GPS to find us, please insert “San Carlo, Grosseto, Italy.” Our address unfortunately will not get you to the right place.

Check-in and Check-out

What time is check-in?
Between 2pm and 8pm. If you are delayed or need special arrangements, you must contact us by email ( or over phone (+39-0564-31016) to arrange another check-in time.
What time is check-out?
10am sharp. If you leave later than 10am, you will be charged EUR 25,00 per extra hour you stay in your apartment.
What should I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive at the gate, there will be a small button on your left in front of the last tree before the gate on the left. Push that button to get into the gate. Once you are inside the gate, please park on the right hand side where the other cars are. If there is no one in the office in the building immediately on your right when you enter with your car, please call +39-348-0160782 (Tiziano Montorsi) or +39-380-9090016 (Grazia Montorsi).

Since we are first and foremost a farm, we are often working while waiting for guests to arrive, so we may not be in the office the moment you arrive. Once you are greeted by one of the staff, you will need to give us ID (passport) so we can register you with the local authorities (this is obligatory by law in Italy).

While we process your passports, we will show you to your parking spot and your apartment where you can make yourself comfortable and begin settling in. Your passports will be returned to you immediately after processed.

What should I expect when I check-out?

When you are ready to depart (at latest 10am the day of your departure), you will be expected to have cleaned all the dirty dishes, glasses and pots in your kitchen as well as taken out the trash from your apartment to the bins outside your apartment complex.

You will be able to pay for your stay the day you depart or the day before your departure. You will be given a bill for your stay as well as a bill for a local hotel tax, which needs to be paid separately from your payment for your stay with us.

The hotel tax is EUR 1,00 per person per day. Once you have paid, you can leave your keys attached to your door and leave. If you would like to stay on the property longer, you can, but you will have to vacate your apartment by 10am.


What is included in the apartment price?
Included in your apartment price is utilities, linens and towels for the number of people allowed to stay in the apartment, internet, the final cleaning fee, and the use of bikes while on the property.
What will be in my bathroom when I arrive?
You will find a hairdryer, one bar of soap, and one roll of toilet paper.
If there are extra people in our group, do we have to pay extra for linens and towels for them?
Yes. The cost is EUR 10,00 per person. You can also request fresh linens and towels for EUR 10,00 per person if you are visiting the farm for a long time and would prefer not to wash your own linens.
What will be in my kitchen when I arrive?

Dishes, glasses, mugs, silverware, pots and pans for the number of people allowed to stay in the apartment, a bottle of still water in the refrigerator, basic condiments and dish soap.

For sanitation reasons, we are not allowed to leave useful condiments like olive oil in the kitchen after a guest has departed. If you would like some basic condiments, we are happy to give them to you.

Everything else you will need to buy at the supermarket.

If there are any utensils or cooking ware missing in your kitchen, please let us know, and we will provide you with what you need.

Is there an oven in my apartment?
There is an oven in Il Pino, La Rondine, Il Cinghiale and La Scuderia. There is a toaster oven in La Maremmana and Il Cavallo. There is no kitchen in La Lepre.
Do the apartments have air conditioning?
No. This has never been a problem for guests, as most of our apartments have ceiling fans. For the rooms that do not have ceiling fans, we have standing fans available upon request.
Is there a washing machine?
Yes. You will have access to a common washing machine that you may use. In your apartment you will have a clothes rack where you can hang dry your laundry. We do not have a dryer available for guests.
What do I do if there is a problem with my apartment?
If there is something broken or not working in your apartment, please contact staff and let them know as soon as possible so they can assist you immediately.
Do you have a baby bed?
We do. It costs EUR 10,00 per week or EUR 2,00 per day. If you would like one, please make sure to email us before your arrival to request one ( If there are multiple requests for baby beds, we may not have one available.


What does breakfast consist of?
Breakfast consists of a family-style meal with coffee or tea, homemade breakfast cake, yogurt, milk, fresh fruit, bread and butter. You can request eggs. Breakfast is from 8-10 am.
How much does breakfast cost?
Breakfast is EUR 5,00 per person. Children 3 years of age and under eat free. If you want breakfast in the morning you must let staff (Grazia Montorsi) know the night before.


What does dinner consist of?
Dinner consists of a starter, first course, second course with sides, and a dessert. Wine and water are included in the price. Each night the dinner menu is different, using mostly farm-fresh or local produce and products. Dinner starts at 8 pm or 8:30 pm and goes until 11 pm.
How much does dinner cost?

Dinner is EUR 25,00 per person. Children 3 years of age and under eat free. Children 4-9 pay EUR 18,00. To book dinner reservation you must tell staff (Grazia Montorsi) by the end of breakfast the day of (10 am).


Are there bikes available for children?
Yes. We don’t have many of them and we don’t have them for all ages, so we cannot guarantee that there will be the perfect bike for your child. We recommend bringing your own bike for your children with a lock.
Are there baby/child seats to attach to adult bikes?
Yes. We simple ask you let us know before your arrival that you would like bikes with baby or child seats attached.
When can I expect to have a bike once I’ve arrived at Tenuta San Carlo?
You will have one within 24 hours of your arrival. Most of the time there will already be bikes waiting for you in front of your apartment when you arrive, but sometimes we need to do some repairs to a bike used by a previous guest before we hand you your bike.
Do I need to lock the bike I am given when I’m not using it?
No. As long as you are only using it on the property, you do not need to use a lock. If you need a lock, please let us know.
May I use the bikes outside the property?
No. The bikes we offer are only meant for use on the property, and we do not take responsibility for your use of the bike outside of the property. If the bike is damaged, repair damage will be added to your bill if the damage happened outside the property lines.
What do I do if my bike breaks?
Please contact staff immediately. Your bike will be repaired or replaced.


How far is the beach?
The beach is 2.5km from the property center. The beach is accessible by an internal, private road by foot or by bike only. We provide bikes for your use at no cost during your stay. If you are handicapped we do have options available, but you must email us to make arrangements (
What services are available on the beach?
The beach accessible through the property is completely natural. There are no beach umbrellas, no towel service, no beach chairs, no showers or snack bars. You will need to bring everything with you to the beach when you go. If you would like to go to a serviced beach, you can drive 3km to Principina Mare where there is a catered beach with snack bar and showers as well as parking meters from the shoreline and other paid services.


Can I bring my pet with me on vacation?
Yes. There is only a EUR 2,00 fee per day extra per pet. Please be advised that we have dogs and cats on the property that roam free. They are friendly to people and pets alike.
Is my dog allowed on the beach?

No. It is allowed to roam freely around the property but not on the beach.

It is illegal to bring your dog to our beach, and if there is a park guard on the beach and sees your dog, they will fine you. There is a dog beach 5km away from Tenuta San Carlo. If you would like this information, please email us:

Farm Animals and Bugs

Can I or my children pet or feed the animals on the farm?

Yes. We simply ask that you exercise caution.

We cannot guarantee the behavior of the animals, so when you approach animals, be sure there is always a fence between you and the animal and please approach slowly.

If the animal you are approaching walks away or charges, please move away and don’t try to pet or feed it. If the animal is amicable, you can pet and feed it.

Are there bugs, specifically mosquitos?

Yes. We are a farm and there are a lot of bugs.

Most of the bugs are during the summer months from late May to early September.

All apartments have screen doors and windows, which keep bugs out. We suggest bug spray or natural alternatives if you have sensitive skin. Mosquitoes are most present from 7-9am and again at 5-8pm. During the middle of the day there are not excessive amounts of mosquitoes because it is too hot.

During the month of June there is a bug called serafica that is like a tiny gnat that will give mosquito-type bites. They are mostly present during times of little wind.


Where is the closest supermarket?

The nearest grocery store is 3km away in the summer in the town of Principina Mare. It’s very small, but carries the basics.

5km away in Marina di Grosseto there is a larger supermarket with everything you could need including personal hygiene products.

10km right outside the city of Grosseto there is a very large supermarket (Conad: where we suggest you do your large shopping as it is the most cost effective.


Where is the closest pharmacy?
In Principina Mare (3km) or Marina di Grosseto (5km). Pharmacies in Italy will be able to give you over the counter antibiotics and basic medications. The pharmacists are allowed to make basic diagnosis of a medical problem and prescribe a medication. If you are having any serious medical issues, please go to the emergency room in Grosseto.

Transportation to and from the farm

Do I need a car while staying on the farm?

Yes. Taking a taxi to and from the train station is very expensive (EUR 20,00-30,00 for only 15km) and the bus only stops nearby the farm two times a day.

We do not offer any transportation services to our guests.

There are multiple car rentals in Grosseto including AVIS that are well reviewed and dependable, so you would be able to take the train to Grosseto and then rent a car to use locally.

Activities on the Farm

What activities do you offer?
Year-round we offer biking, walking trails, bird watching sites, beach access, farm animal and wild animal viewing. Only during certain times during the year we offer horseback riding, guided walks through the property, cheese-making demonstration, seminars and talks on organic and sustainable farming, picnics on the beach.

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