A farmer’s job is never done, but when one season ends and another begins, it’s time to celebrate!

This past weekend, we did just that by throwing a Harvest Party at Tenuta San Carlo with fellow farmers and friends to celebrate the fact that we have finally finished harvesting our fields.

The party wasn’t just a reward for making it to the end of a challenging year for the farm, but also our way of ushering in a new planting season with hope and positive energy.

Everyone arrived on Saturday afternoon for a traditional Italian grigliata, similar to an American barbecue, with grilled meats and plenty to eat and drink.

We served three kinds of risotto featuring Tenuta San Carlo rice, along with locally brewed beer from our friends at Birra de’Neri.

For a special sweet treat, our favorite Grosseto gelateria, Da Carla, prepared two flavors of gelato for us, both using our rice. The first was a simple, creamy rice flavor; the second was made with rice, saffron and walnuts, inspired by a well-known Italian dish, risotto Milanese.

At sunset, we all headed over to the rice fields for a small ceremony to thank the fields for the harvest and bless the soil for the upcoming planting. We had a brief, heartfelt speech from my good friend and farm mentor, Mark Albee, and then set fire to a pile of wood and watched it burn as night fell.

Farming isn’t easy, but thanks to our community, we have plenty to be grateful for!

We’re looking forward to processing the freshly harvested rice and beginning the fall planting season by putting some new seeds in the ground.

— Ariane Lotti

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