At Tenuta San Carlo, we’re constantly working to become a more sustainable farm. On a day-to-day basis, the decisions about how we grow our plants and raise our animals may seem small, but we’re taking action to build a better future.

In October, we were recognized for our sustainable farming practices at the G7 Agriculture Summit.

The G7, or Group of 7, consists of Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Canada. The leaders of these countries meet annually to discuss important global issues. Italy is hosting the summit meetings for 2017, including the Agriculture Summit, which recently took place in Bergamo, Italy.

The Lexicon of Food and The Future Food Institute collaborated on a program called Future Food LexiconLab to create two dozen educational artworks featured in an exhibition at the Summit. The intent of the artwork was to share important stories about people who are making a positive impact in their local food system.

Tenuta San Carlo was selected to be included in the exhibition. In collaboration with Elena Valeriote, we shared the stories of our transition to organic production and our heritage breed Maremmana cattle.

Check out the images to learn a little bit more about our commitment to sustainable farming!

— Ariane Lotti

tenuta san carlo at the g7 agriculture summit tenuta san carlo at the g7 agriculture summit

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