It has been a week of record-high temperatures and sweltering heat here in Maremma, but we persist (in the cooler hours of the day).

Our transition-to-organic, grown-with-lots-of-love rice is (finally) for sale!

We’ve got two types: white rice perfect for risotto (try our beer risotto recipe!) and brown rice – perfect for salads, soups, or just on its own.

The variety is Archimede, an Italian variety with good agronomic attributes that maintains its quality through processing and cooking.


Tenuta San Carlo’s rice is available for sale directly on the farm and locally at:

Stay tuned for details about new locations and the options for shipment.

The rice is not yet available in the U.S. but if anyone has a contact with an importer, please be in touch!

— Ariane Lotti

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